Indi Kerr

Project Focus | Interviewer | Inspiration

Meet Indi - the focus of our project and absolute legend!

Indi was born with mild cerebral palsy, add this to a brain injury caused by a stroke at birth and the road hasn't been all buttercups and daisys. Each 'bump' in the road has been welcomed as a opportunity to step up rather than a hurdle. This project has not only been a great experience for Indi to engage with the community - it's been a great opportunity for the community to engage with Indi! 


Tania Kerr

Project Leader | Indi's Mum

Dreamer, Creator, Organiser, Project Leader and Indi's mum. Tania created this project to engage Indi, keep her focused and learning despite the 'challenges' - Tania is an inspiration who is not only looking to achieve the best for her daughter but shines light on all she meets along the journey

Elle Hall 

Photographer, Graphic Design, Web Dev. Elle Hall Creative

Buzzing around like a happy bumble bee it's not often you'll see Elle without her camera in hand. Overflowing with creative juices and an immense passion for dogs this project couldn't have been tailored more perfectly to Elle. Grateful to meet each and every person and animal through-out this project, Tuesday's (Dog Project Day) quickly became Elle's favorite day of the week! 


Support Worker 

The calming , centred, "mother earth" of the team. You'll find Maria by Indi's side, encouraging, prompting and gentling supporting Indi through-out the interview and creation process. Maria adds a beautiful, soulful energy into the project not only through her presence and input but also supporting the other team members with her expertise on natural therapies and devine flower essences

Tina Henry


We met Tina at Moby's, it was the start of The Dog Project. Chase (the most handsome border collie you'll see) was in one hand, handbag in the other, red shoes and upon her face was the most welcoming, heart warming smile. Instantly this stranger 5 min ago was a long lost family friend that anyone feels comfortable around. She brought a spunk and passion to the table, Tina was in all guns blazing from the moment Tania and Maria casually chatted about the project. Alongside Indi and Tania, Tina has spent tireless hours typing up information. We are so grateful for her valuable time, talent scouting and unique humour! We just adore her! 

Chloe Briscoe

Support Worker 

The newest member of our team, Chloe is also one of Indi's support workers. Being the youngest of the crew also means Chloe is most in tune with the social media world and regally assists Indi to post and keep the project information updated in the tech savy environment.  Chloe's approach is quiet and mindful providing the space for Indi to take the lead without hesitation or worry. Chloe has become an essential and very special part of our Dog Project team. 

The Dog Project