Special Interviews

Jay Train

Inspirational and INCLUSIVE. We  spent a morning with the Jay Train crew and their canine companions, these people have become a major part of Indi's life and the transformation of Indi's physical and mental wellbeing has been phenomenal!  - we could not love these guys more!  

Bec from BARC

We met Bec on a rainy Tuesday - she jumped out of the car followed by 5 loyal, happy, obedient and free dogs, all stoked to be running around, enjoying the moment with her. Bec and the dogs literally shone a beacon of light into the stormy day. She oozed love for the dogs, they oozed love for her - and she had them all completely under control whilst they happily did their own thing. We call her the Dog Whisperer and it was wonderful to spend some time with Bec!  

Monica's Rescue

Monica's Rescue was a household name for all the members of our team, yet, none of us had visited the centre before. We spent the morning meeting the carers, dogs, casual dog walkers and families looking to eventually adopt. This no kill shelter is an extremely special and unique place. This day certainly heightened our compassion, appreciation and awareness. We were blessed to be witness to such beautiful human kindness.  

Ben Tudhope

Ben Tudhope is a Paralympic Snowboarder who at 14 became the world’s youngest ever Winter Paralympian competing at the 2014 and 2018 Winter Paralympic Games.

Ben and Indi alike where born with cerebral palsy, affecting coordination and muscle movement.

Whilst there were always physical setbacks, Ben always found a way to overcome them and is now competing in the hardest category in his sport - below the knee disability - and is one of the most naturally talented boarders on tour.

Fighting Chance

We decided to pay a visit to the wonderful organisation called "Fighting Chance".. a special place where Indi spent a year learning administration and office skills. We found out they now have a pets team called Avenue Animals who participate in dog walking, daycare and house visits with the help of the support workers. Through this program the aim is to be out and about in the community participating in the economy and taking part in meaningful work.  


Zelda is a very special therapy dog who initially joined DrKellie Winter's family as a therapy dog for her daughter Ariel who has a disability. Unfortunately Zelda could not attend school with Ariel so instead she attends work with Dr. Kelly Winter at Northern Beaches Hospital. Dr. Winter is a psychogeriatrician In this role Zelda breaks down barriers and puts patients at ease. Zelda has been able to make some patients smile for the first time in months.  

The Dog Project