The dog project started, as most great things do - a conversation between friends which resembled... "wouldn't it be great..", followed by "YES!", "Let's do it".. this simple, honest, wholesome initiative has been the most enjoyable ride so far! 


Our intention has been, and will always be, on Indi's learning and interaction within the community and her environment. We didn't plan for the project to last so long, and if we reached our goal of making the book it was going to be a bonus, but Indi has shown such growth and commitment to the project we are able to continue each week - focused and excited to interact, interview, be inspired by, in awe of and grateful for each and every person and fur friend we meet. 

With Thanks

Most people reading this article have met us, we want to thank you. Shout from the rooftops how much we appreciate the time you have taken to be apart of THE DOG PROJECT. Life zooms past so quickly we don't often interact with circles outside of our daily routine. This project has been a vessel that has opened not only Indi's world but the world's of the whole team involved. Thanks to the unique and dynamic community we have all been enriched through this journey, we have been heard many beautiful stories of love, kindness and compassion - goodness in life, and it's our canine friends bringing it all out. 

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